Performing for the residents of
Ashland Villa Manor
Including our very own
Grandpa Walter Canote
Ashland, MO
March 2006
Posing with Grandpa Canote
Killin' time with a short game of "Leap Frog"
before a performance
On the road again...
Packin' equipment...
Showing off our YUGO T-shirts
Alex gets some pickin' pointers
from Banjo Master Dave
Weston of
"The Messengers"
The Boys
The Canote Family
Performing with
"The Messengers" at
Harrisburg Baptist Church
Harrisburg, MO
She loves me...she loves me
not...she loves me...
Chewy's checkin' out the sound
Impromptu Jam Session
Fayette First Baptist
Fayette, MO

Fayette First Baptist
Fayette, MO
Posing for a picture at the
Coon Creek Baptist Church
Collins, MO
Jamming with "The Messengers" of
New Franklin, MO at the home of
Dave Weston
Adam's gettin' it just right
Susan meets a cousin (Connie
Reno) she didn't know she had at
Coon Creek
Horsing around at New Franklin
Baptist Church
New Franklin, MO
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Gallery #5
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