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The video above, produced by and for YUGO Ministries, highlights the ministry God used to introduce our family to Mexico and to missions.  We are so humbled and
blessed to have been a part of this awesome kingdom building work.  God is faithful and continues to honor and bless His ministry through our family in our present work
with Evident Ministries, Inc.  

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We served as "Mission Mobilizers" and ministers at large as missionaries with YUGO Ministries.  Our primary role as mobilizers was to promote God's heart
for the nations within the local North American church.  In that effort, and using our gospel bluegrass music ministry as a tool, we shared testimony from the
mission field and challenged others to get involved in cross-cultural missions with an invitation to join us on the mission field in Mexico.  

In our work with YUGO, we also directed an evangelistic outreach mission effort in Acuña, Mexico.  Acuña is located just across the border from Del Rio, TX.  
We have been hosting 1-week short-term trips for Team Ministry in Acuña since 2006.  Our training with YUGO helped us, with the blessing of YUGO's
leadership, to have the courage to follow God's lead to launch our own non-profit ministry to include the work in Acuña as well as a similar ministry project in

We will soon be hosting ministry teams to support local smaller rural churches in our home area in mid-Missouri using the same ministry model we have used
for years now in Acuña, Mexico and elsewhere along the border between Mexico and the U.S. in our work with YUGO.

We are always on the look out for youth pastors, church groups, and individuals with a burden for the lost who are looking for ministry and discipling
opportunities who can join us for a week in Mexico.

We also love sharing our gospel bluegrass music and encouraging others with testimony from the field and of the many ways that God continues to bless our
socks off and use our family in ministry.
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